Asphalia for Natural Sleep Testimonials:

"After taking Asphalia I found I enjoyed a thoroughly restful sleep and felt ready to face the day with a good level of energy and an alert mind.  I seldom sleep well, and only occasionally enjoy such energy levels."  J. J. , Haverford West

I used to have a lot of dreams where I had feelings of anxiety.  Now I feel calm and unconcerned even when events in the dream are worrying.  So I ordered a pack and have been using it ever since, and sleep right through the night. " R.B. West Sussex

Although I no longer live near a mast and sleep quite well, I tried the sample three times at home, and noticed a difference, feeling much more refreshed the following morning and in fact sleeping right through for up to eight hours."  L.I., Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands

I have not slept well for many years and have found it necessary to get up in the night to visit the toilet as I am a diabetic, but since taking your capsules I have gone to bed and dropped into a nice restful sleep and , when I needed to get up instead of lying awake for hours on my return have gone back into a restful sleep.  I wake in the morning feeling relaxed, sharp and ready to face the world."  Many Thanks, David Mellor

I used Asphalia to aid sleep and found them really effective and with no after effects in the morning. I been sleeping very badly for some time & it had become a habit to find falling asleep very difficult. After 3 days of Asphalia I had managed to break the cycle & fall asleep unaided. I am very impressed and intend to keep a store so they are always there when needed."  Thanks, Jane Syrett

Asphalia does work. I was a chronic insomniac, averaging 3 to 4 hrs sleep on a good night, over a period of six to eight months. The side effects of lack of sleep are well documented; in short, I was a wreck and had tried everything!  I read about asphalia in a newspaper report and decided to try it, and from night 2 I started to sleep better! I was so surprised and my general health improved too, I can now sleep six to seven hours straight, and from what I was to this, is miraculous!   It does work!! "  Regards, Alison Lewis

Just to say that I have been very pleased with the product, and although I bought it to help me sleep, my complexion is also in excellent condition now. Just hoping to lose some weight now as well!!" Trinette Speck

I have been taking Asphalia for six months due to sleep problems. To my surprise, not only did my sleep problems disappear, but so did my weight! I have lost over a stone, without dieting."  Maria Godfrey-Evans


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