Asphalia Nutraceuticals Information and Instructions
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The Asphalia formulas are coordinated dietary supplements which come in three varieties.  Each is supplied in containers of 30 or 60 capsules. Purchasers will be able to choose which variety they want when ordering.

Asphalia for Natural Sleepwheat grass (triticum aestivum), barley grass (hordeum sativa)

Asphalia for Natural Weight Controlwheat and barley grass, beetroot, calendula, chantui and parsley  

 Asphalia for Natural Memory:  Lion's Mane mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus )

Their detailed ingredients are listed under their separate headings, and their ingredients are chosen for their proven nutritional value, and may change from time to time ,as we discover new formulations. None of the products contain artificial preservatives or colorings. All are gluten free and are suitable for vegans or vegetarians.

Asphalia is Not Chemically Treated

Much of the so-called fresh fruit and vegetables available today are commercially grown and, thereby, sprayed with harmful pesticides and grown in chemically treated fertilizers. A 2003 study by the UK Governments Dept. of Health revealed that 12% of pears contained carbendazim, a possible carcinogen; 2% of potatoes contained aldicarb, a nerve poison and over 20% of apples contain chloropyrifos, a hormone disrupting chemical.

Other Important Scientific Information

Studies have now shown that regular intake of dietary supplements can maintain health and provide what even many fresh foods cannot. Asphalia is developed to optimise these needs as part of a normal calorie-controlled diet, and thereby help fortify you against lifes environmental challenges.

The body needs a combination of ingredients for optimal protection such as found in Asphalia. Whats more these seem to be more effective if naturally derived from plants than if synthesised chemically.

Instructions and Contraindications

Whichever variety you choose, take just one capsule by mouth and swallow with a small amount of water just before bedtime. For faster assimilation break open the capsule gently and add to a 2 tsps. of water, then dispense and hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Children under 12 should take only capsule. Not for infants or children under 12 months. Do not consume if about to drive or operate machinery. Pregnant women should consult their physician before taking.

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The Asphalia Story


On a secluded hillside in the Welsh valleys, a small specialist biological research laboratory has recently discovered, and now produces, a new kind of food supplement potentially able to solve a number of common health problems.  It is based on the plant version of a powerful brain hormone, which normally organizes sleep patterns, retards ageing and protects against free radical damage.

Coghill Research Laboratories, of Pontypool South Wales, has been conducting research for over a quarter century. It specializes in a branch of biology known as bioelectromagnetics, the science investigating interactions between the physical energies of electricity and magnetism on one hand and living organisms, like you and me, on the other.

The lab has pioneered new therapeutic uses for static magnets, but their principal focus has been 'electropollution,' and the way chronic exposure to weak electric fields and radiations from a myriad of sources including powerlines, cell phones and other wireless devices can sometimes lead to serious ill health. The World Health Organization and the UK Government now both accept that these exposures are likely to cause cancer.  Studies now show that children living near powerlines are twice as likely to get leukaemia, and frequent users of cellphones, over time, are likely to get brain tumors.

Not content with simply identifying the basic problem, Roger Coghills lab set out to find a solution to the health risks posed by the 'electrosmog,'  which surrounds everyone today.  He first discovered that these electric fields cause the formation of free radicals in human body fluids.  Free radicals can damage DNA, leading to mutated cells, but, also, cause other kinds of damage. However, they can be neutralized by what are called antioxidants, which also abound in nature.  As well as being found in fresh fruit, vegetables and vitamins, the body can actually make its own antioxidants.  Enzymes, like catalase and superoxide dismutase, which are made in the body, are capable of scavenging free radicals.  At night, when cells lost during every day activities are repaired,  a large number of free radicals are created, and nature provides an additional anti-oxidant called 'melatonin' to scavenge them.

But Nature had not, until a century or so ago, ever encountered the electromagnetic fields, or 'EMFs' of modern life, so the body is not prepared to deal with them through evolution. It also transpires that electric fields not only increase free radicals in the body, but also suppress the synthesis of melatonin, a double whammy!

Following up on this research, the lab found that certain plants contain copious melatonin, and that supplementing the diet with these puts back the lost melatonin, thereby, protecting cells from free radical damage.  Experiments with rats and mice showed that supplemental melatonin could extend their lives and vitality, while experiments with volunteers indicated that sleep was also significantly improved. In today's society, where at least a quarter of the population doesn't get a decent night's sleep, this was an exciting finding. Finally, as the body ages, its ability to make melatonin decreases, and free radicals gradually overwhelm the body's diminishing defenses, the main reason for ageing.

The labs research discovered that a certain edible plant contained more melatonin than any other and started to grow it in the valley pastures.  Sure enough, when dried and milled to a fine powder,  the plant gave people the best natural sleep they had experienced since childhood and had the added benefit of protection from EMFs.  Customers started reporting improved complexions, a clue that the supplement was having an anti-ageing effect.  The lab decided to call the product Asphalia,'  from the ancient Greek word for 'safety.'

Scientists had already observed that many cancer patients are low in melatonin, for example breast cancer patients have only a tenth of normal levels. Supplementing the diet with melatonin is adjuvant to these patients.  But other new applications continue to emerge.  In additon, a 2007 study by the world famous Pasteur Institute reported that autistic children have only half the level of melatonin they should have.  When autistic children were given the Asphalia for Natural Sleep formula, they began to talk for the first time, having never previously uttered a word.

The health food trade in Europe and the UK has welcomed Asphalia, especially since it had been approved for over- the-counter sale, whereas ordinary melatonin can only be obtained by prescription there. Already over 200 health food stores in Europe and the UK stock it.  Britain's top nutritionists like Jan de Vries also recommend Asphalia for Natural Sleep as being a non addictive side-effect free aid to sound sleep.

Despite the strong scientific evidence, at present, arguments still rage between the electrotechnical industry and independent researchers claiming that cellphones or powerlines can damage health, so the public is confused and bewildered. Some companies offer pendants, buttons, hands-free kits, netting and other devices claiming protection, mostly without the sort of solid peer-reviewed scientific research that supports the Asphalia supplement.

With interest from countries as far apart as Australia and Romania, and recent financial support from the Welsh Assembly Government, the future looks bright for this new approach to the stresses caused by modern life. One month's supply costs only around $16.00, less than a daily cup of coffee.

Asphalia is coming soon to a health food store near you!


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